Tuesday, December 6, 2011


34º ~ winter is inching its way in here, our lows are in the upper 20s this week, highs in the upper 40s/lower 50s, overcast and dreary after two days of solid rain

There's a lot going on here at the desk of the Kangaroo and little of it is poetry related, although I did manage to devote Sunday to submitting some of the new poems.

To follow up on my new attempt to be better about reacting to positive rejections and requests to send more, here's a little story.  In September I received a kind note from an editor at a journal I admire and in which I've appeared in the past.  The editor expressed regret at not taking (quickly enough) several of the poems that had been withdrawn due to publication elsewhere, and rejected the last poem they had under consideration.  She then asked me to send on something else.  I finally got around to doing so on Sunday morning.  At 8:18 p.m., I received a rejection for the group.  This time, no personal note from the specific editor, but a general "good rejection" (requesting that I submit again) signed by "The Editors."  So, it's three steps forward and two steps back.  Nonetheless, I persevere.

In the meantime, the papers have arrived like the first snowfall, and I'm about to embark on several days of non-stop fun.

On a more serious note, my dad had surgery yesterday, and while the surgery itself went very well, he is having a hard time shaking off the effects of the anesthesia.  We are hopeful that a few more hours will show more improvement.  This is the first of two surgeries to implant the mechanics needed for Deep Brain Stimulation, one of the most promising treatments for Parkinson's Disease to date.  Any healing thoughts will be appreciated.

In happier news, C. and I have returned to being cat people, adopting George and Gracie.  These two cats are not siblings and are about four years apart in age; however, they were abandoned together 13 months ago on the steps of a local animal rescue group.  They have been kept together at a foster home and needed to be adopted together, which may explain why they were still available a year later.  They are soooooooo sweet and playful, although fairly skittish yet.  We knew we wanted two cats, so this was perfect since they already knew each other and didn't have to go through that awkward period of cat adjustment.

I know, I know...this is NOT a cat blog, and not a family blog, but sometimes life interrupts poetry y'all and that is all there is to it.




Kathleen said...

Healing thoughts for your dad, happy thoughts for your cats, and plenty of hopes for your poems!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Ah, Kathleen, thank you!

Michelle said...

I'm keeping your dad in my thoughts, Sandy. And I'm celebrating your new feline family members! And I'm commiserating as I am facing my own mountain of papers to grade. We will survive!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks, Michelle. We shall scale the Matterhorn together, my friend!

Karen J. Weyant said...

Happy thoughts for your father, and congrats on your new kitties -- I always say that a catless house should not be catless for long!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks, Karen. I appreciate it and agree!

Nancy Devine said...

i'll keep your dad in my thoughts, sandy. and i'm glad to hear you've got new family members.
submitting work can be so strange. i got one of those "we almost took your stuff" rejections from a good magazine. it included encouragement to send more work. i sent more work---including what i think is my best work---and got the regular form rejection on the new batch. who knows? i, too, persevere.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks, Nancy.

It's all about the perseverance.

Tawnysha Greene said...

Congrats on the new additions to the family! So happy you were able to give them such a loving home.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks, T. They are finally unwinding and relaxing a bit.