Sunday, March 20, 2011

Angie Macri and Mary Angelino Best New Poets Reading at Pulaski Tech

51º ~ clear skies, good sun, small breezes, birdsong

Thursday night, Pulaski Tech was lucky enough to host a poetry reading in honor of the two Arkansas poets appearing in The Best New Poets 2010. Here are two clips from that reading.

Angie Macri is my colleague and friend at PTC, and she graduated from the MFA program at the U of Arkansas several years before I started there. While she read for about 20 minutes, my video skills are still in the learning stages.  I've edited this clip down to four poems, my favorites.
"Ismenian Dragon"
"A Song for Fever" (which appears in The Best New Poets book)
"Thebes Courthouse"
"Three Sonnets for Marie Louise"

Mary Angelino is a current student at the U of Arkansas, who started several years after I graduated.  I love that continuity to the evening.  The whole evening made me proud to be associated with the program.  Again, Mary read for about 20 minutes and I've edited this down to my four favorite poems.
"Long Distance"
"At the Golden Living Man-Made Pond"
"Helping My Father Write His Father's Eulogy" (which appears in The Best New Poets book)


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