Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The return to the world of writing begins. Thanks to a good writing friend who agreed to exchange some prompts/assignments with me on Sunday, ideas, images, and words started coalescing in my brain. This morning I was driven from bed a half hour early as the next few lines to something I'd started the night before sprang into my head.

Then, a long day involving lots of errands and then sanding and priming (interior) to prepare for more painting tomorrow. Now, my body is tired, but once again, without willing it, my brain had been mulling over the new poem and I had to sit down and work on it some more.

After a long period of not writing, it is reassuring to feel the wheels turning once more.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Now if I could only get moving. I have been writing, but I think I'm sort of combining assignments, doing parts of them, and so on. Hope I have something presentable by Sunday! Ha ha! It is strange writing after this break--rusty rusty!

Anonymous said...

Forgot my name--ha ha!


Sandy Longhorn said...

Well, I haven't touched the poems in two days. I've had this "home improvement" project going. I should be able to get back to the poems this afternoon.

I think it's great to mix the assignments up. Whatever gets the writing going!