Sunday, April 19, 2009

Arkansas Literary Festival

This weekend is the Arkansas Literary Festival, and yesterday, I went to two fabulous poetry panels. Here's the info on the panels:

POETRY PANEL I with Andrea Hollander Budy, Ann Fisher-Wirth and Allison Joseph. All three poets are featured in the anthology When She Named Fire. Moderated by Andrea Hollander Budy.

POETRY PANEL II with Marck L. Beggs, Geoff Brock and Suzann Steele Saltzman. Explore poetry, multicultural training methods, translations and more through three very different poets' words. Moderated by Marck L. Beggs.

I've known and admired the work of Marck Beggs and Geoff Brock, as well as Andrea Hollander Budy and Allison Joseph, and I was pleased to be introduced to the work of Suzann Steele Saltzman and Ann Fisher-Wirth. It was also great to see the room packed for both events. We were in the new Arkansas Studies Institute building in the River Market. Very cool.

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