Wednesday, February 18, 2009

AWP Note ~ Bookfair

Attending the bookfair this year, I saw more tables housing online journals, big signs with the title of the journal and then a laptop for viewing, lots of handouts, buttons, bookmarks, etc. It set me wondering how the bookfair will change as the media of choice becomes more electronic. Will it be like the big computer conventions with the miles and miles of electric cables duct taped to the floor?

Now, there was no indication that the standard printed journal is on the way out. In fact, there seemed to be just as many sample copies available as ever, and I celebrate that. However, I also celebrate the way online journals have of spreading through the ether and providing me with instant access to the writing. Five years ago, I was hugely resistant to the idea of the e-book, and I'll admit that I love the smell of a book as well as its weight in my hands. Yet, today, I also like the weirdly connected internet space that provides more chance in who or what I might stumble onto. Perhaps this is because so many of the online journals have learned to use the technology to their advantage where readability and navigation are concerned. Perhaps this is because of my giant iMac screen that makes reading just about anything a pleasure.

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