Monday, May 26, 2008

Glacial Progress

I've begun the slow process of bringing the second book together, and it is living up to its title (Glacial Elegies). The progress is slow, slow, slow.

Each morning, I set about following Katrina V's advice (see previous post) about sorting the poems by theme and image, jotting key words in the bottom corner. I read the poems with more focus than many of them have received in months and sit and think and then sit some more. Finally, I jot down a few notes in the corner and move to the next one. Some connections spring instantly to mind and I note that as well. In the past two mornings, I've made it through about a dozen poems in each sitting. Then, I have to take a break, as I feel myself becoming less patient, less attentive, less focused.

It's been interesting to refocus on each individual poem with such intensity. I've made some small revisions here and there, tightening, shaving off the excess. While I know there is a long road ahead between now and publication, I am excited about the poems and about the book as a whole.

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