Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Speed of Light

Wow! A whole week slipped away from me. I hope a few of you are still out there. Life has been quite full lately. We've had several good friends experience the loss of beloved family members (Condolences, friends) and good friends experience the joy of a new baby (Happy BIRTH day, Rome!). We've traveled to celebrate a good friend's bowling birthday (Cheers, Anne!), and now I'm grading as fast as I can.

In the midst of all of that the writing world goes on. I try to read Poetry Daily and Verse Daily to keep my foot in the door, and already the tower of books to be read over the summer is building itself Lego fashion on my desk. I feel like my niece counting the days until Christmas, as I count the remaining weeks in the semester. This will be the first summer of my life, ever, as in since I was 11 years old, when I have not had a "paying job." I will be able to devote 10 full weeks to writing. Yes!

These days I am surprising myself. After a friend challenged me to write a triolet, I seem to have become addicted to them. Me, writing in form! I hardly know if I'm doing it well because I'm not a formal poet. Time will tell. I do think that the shortness of the form and the ability to repeat lines fits with my franticly paced life. I'll let you know if anything ever comes of them.

Yesterday, I had the delightful experience of recording the poem that will be in The Dirty Napkin. (See last post.) Jeremy C. Ellis, managing editor, was great at the technology and the whole thing was over in a matter of minutes. Again, watch for a post in March for when the issue comes out and you, too, can hear me reading "On the Fabric of the Human Body."

Until then, anyone know a good way to cram more minutes into the few hours of daylight left today?

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