Friday, December 7, 2007

Fat Email

Yesterday, good news arrived in the form of an email fat with an acceptance. New Delta Review wants "Why the Wind." This acceptance is particularly reassuring because the poem is one of the first post-Blood Almanac poems that I felt confident about. I've been sending it out for over a year and wondering "how come noboby else wants this poem?" Now, I can rest a bit easier, as it has found a home. This acceptance is also fun because New Delta is the old stomping ground of my boss.

And to keep me humble, two rejections arrived fast on the heels of the acceptance.


Writing time has come to a screeching halt, as official class days are over, finals are looming, and the stack of research papers to be graded seems to grow rather than shrink. If you know someone who is a Comp teacher, send chocolate, give hugs, offer up wine and excuse us our grouchiness.

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Megan Chapman said...

Congrats on the acceptance email.
That is great!