Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Submissions

63º ~ wild storms last evening, the threat of a tornado, this morning, cloudy, breezes cool & damp

Dear Reader, I confess, I'm a list maker.  It clears my mind and calms my nerves to list out those tasks before me, and then I am addicted to the joy of firmly marking out the job when finished.  This weekend, my list included grading and averaging overall grades and sending out poems.  I only made it through the grading portions of the list before my body and my brain insisted on some down time.

Today's list, my journal spreadsheet
Therefore, this morning, I was happy to send out two batches of poems.  Long-time readers will know that I usually spend a weekend doing submissions and end up sending out twenty-something batches of poems.  I'm learning that working in this smaller time frame has its benefits as well.  I spent a bit more time with each poem, fine-tooth-combing each and making small tweaks.  I also bless those journals that have adopted online submissions, as there is less time spent fumbling for SASE's and new ink cartridges.

Perhaps I'll try to do a packet or two on Mondays for a bit and see how that works out.  I hope you'll join me in wishing these two packets well as they sail out into the electronic world of poetry editors and staff readers.


On another happy note, tomorrow night I get to enjoy a live poetry reading!  Woo Hoo.  New friend and new-to-Arkansas poet, Shin Yu Pai will be reading from her latest book, Adamantine, at the Hendrix College Bailey Library at 6:30 tomorrow night.  Watch for my mini-review, as I already have the book and am reading it in preparation for tomorrow night's event.  It seems that central Arkansas is hosting more and more readings, and this makes me such a happy poet here.


Erin Lynn Marsh said...

Sounds like you are pretty organized with your submissions. I, too, need to set aside one day a week to work on them. As always, you are inspiring!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks, Erin. I'm glad you find these posts helpful. I'm still working on the life practice of "all things in moderation." :)

Kathleen said...

Lists are great! Happy travels to the 2 packets!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks, Kathleen. I appreciate the good wishes. I've been reading your blog and enjoying it as well.

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

Good luck with the submissions, Sandy.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks, Q. and Roll Tide! Arkansas looks to be out of the running for the SEC, but y'all look like there's a chance.