The Alchemy of My Mortal Form, winner of the 2014 Louise Bogan Award, published by Trio House Press.

The Girlhood Book of Prairie Myths, winner of the 2013 Jacar Press Full Length Book Contest, published by Jacar Press.

Blood Almanac, winner of the Anhinga Prize for Poetry, published by Anhinga Press.

Individual Poems Not in a Collection, with Thanks to the Editors and Readers
*Poems available online are linked at the title.

"Too Simple a Reason"  The Book of Scented Things  The Literary House Press
"The Angry Sisters Experience a Conversion" and "Penance Assigned to the Adulterers"  Arsenic Lobster
"Cornfield, USA II"   Big Muddy
"After" and "Fairy Tale for the Girl with a Fever of Unknown Origin"  Toad Suck Review  
"Cornfield, USA" and "The Way She Knows the World to Work"  Crab Creek Review
"Cornfield, USA III"  Sou'wester
"The Contents of Our Tales"   Blossombones
"The Nature of Conflict," "Lament at the End of a Long Convalescence," and "Vespula CuresConnotation Press
"Litany for an Insomniac"  Cincinnati Review
"Requiem for the Girl with Sparrow Wings for a Heart," "This is Not My Body, This Body that Refuses" and "The Wife Who Wanders Explains her Actions"   diode
"Divining the Source of Our Conversion" and "To the Extinct Tall-Grass Prairie"  Roger
"2011" and "For Beaufort's Distant Landlocked Daughter"  Adanna
"Urban Archaeology: Reading the RemainsAnti-
"Pantoum for the Landlocked Girl"  Redivider
"Flood Plain"   Glass
"In the Winter Garden" and "Having Been Entrusted with the Safekeeping" New Madrid 
"Estate Planning: Reliquaries"  Passages North 
"Late Aubade" and "The Penitent Boy Visits the Grave of His FatherConnotation Press
"Testament"   The Pinch 
"Listening for the Dead"   Hobble Creek Review
"The Mortician's Wife"  Copper Nickel
"Enough Green for the Trees" and "The Way a Northern Girl Sleeps"  American Poetry Journal
"Amnesty," "Spiral Song - Father," "Spiral Song - Mother," and "Triolet with a Line by Jean Senacdiode 
"If Given the Chance" and "June Meditations42Opus
"Myth BornFree Verse
"Voice Box"  Redactions
"The Museum of My Childhood" Meridian
"On the Fabric of the Human Body: Book 1: Chapter 19: On the Bones of the ThoraxThe Dirty Napkin
"Two Points in Need of an Argument" Zone 3
"Winter Psalm" and "Dispatch from the OutpostBlackbird